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Is it possible launch a Social Media Empire in just 90 days?


Yes! I'll show you how.

There's a new Entertainment Industry.

It's no longer necessary to live in Los Angeles or New York to make it a a singer, actor or model. You can become "Social Famous" from anywhere in the world. If you know how.

 How do I know?

I’m Shaun Royer,  a talent development specialist here in Los Angeles California who works with many of these new celebrities who are HUGE on social media. I decided three years ago to go on a quest to figure out how they became famous, found followers, and then parlay their fame to endorsements, opportunities and cha-ching.

For the first two years, I enrolled in college and graduated Valedictorian with a Masters Degree in Entertainment Business and Law. I had to study things, like Social Media, Digital Marketing, Project Management, and Entertainment Finance. While I was in school, I spent daily time with my mentor who was a fitness influencer and learned how he transformed his YouTube vlog into a multi-million dollar supplement and apparel empire. Inspired by his success, I went on to ask my other influencers I knew to school me on the ways of going viral.

For the last six months, I’ve been creating this new course to help others launch their social media empires. With SOCIAL SUPERSTAR! You can become a viral sensation.

Social Media Influencers I've Worked With


You will get the the information you need to make yourself a Social Media Influencer without having to worry if you’re doing right, or if it will work. Because if you’re willing to do the work, stuff happens!


Social Superstar is broken up into 9 sections


Learn the equipment you will need to create good content. We will offer you three different setups- Low (under $100), Medium (under $500), High (over $500)

Set Up

How to set up your equipment for great video and pictures.


You’ll find out how to research the internet to find content that is more likely to go viral.


How to take the perfect selfies with your cell phone and the free software that will take better pictures than you ever thought. Lastly you'll get a posing guide so you never run out of ideas.

Picture Editing

Social media stars never take their pictures straight from the camera roll to the feed. I’ll show you the three step magic makeover to make you look like a star.


Learn the the tricks to look great on camera and make your audience fall in LOVE with you!

Video Editing

Now that you've got good looking content, you'll learn how to edit your video in less than 30 minutes.

Content Multiplier Formula

Save hours of time by taking one video and use it to create multiple posts across multiple platforms. Like vlogs, quote cards, images for Facebook and Instagram, Instagram Stories and YouTube.

Collaborations & Monetization

You don't have to have 100,000 followers to find collaborators and financial endorsements. We'll show you how to find opportunities with templates to use on how to ask.



You will receive my official PROJECT MANAGEMENT CHECKLISTS. They’re a step-by-step guide to make it all happen efficiently and in an organized manner. You will get five different templates: One for Singers, Actors, Vloggers, Models and Business owners.


You will also receive the GONE VIRAL IDEA BANK - It has over 500 ideas for content that has been researched to go viral and is updated almost daily as trends change.

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Learn how to master Spotify and get more plays and on more playlists. We will also teach you our 4 step record release strategy.



Learn to use Twitter and Facebook to find auditions and get noticed by casting directors.

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Imagine 90 days from now, you’ve doubled, tripled, or even 10x your social media following. You’re doing collabs and getting thousands of views on your platforms. How would that make you feel?

I'm Ready To Get Started!

Pricing Options

You can work with SOCIAL SUPERSTAR in three different ways!




Social Media Superstar Course

Collaboration on Monetization Templates

Step-By-Step Checklists

Gone Viral Idea Bank

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All the material in the Basic Plan

Brand Consultation

Weekly Email Support

Monthly Social Media Review

Monthly Phone Strategy Session

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All the material in the Consultation Plan

Market Research Done For You

Photo Editing

Video Editing

Posting to Platforms

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You've Got The Full 90 Days!

If you follow our program and don't see your social media grow exponentially, we'll return your money, no questions asked.

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