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Are You Suffering From Imposter Syndrome?

May 27, 2021

Sounds like a mental disorder, right?


Imposter syndrome is not a disorder, but an experience in which individuals develop a low self-esteem and a sense of failure. It happens to all high achievers, high functioners and especially those of us who consider ourselves “perfectionists”. And it is especially most common among singers/songwriters and other talent performers.

Doubt can be deadly!

Many singers will suddenly experience thoughts of doubt -- that they aren’t deserving enough or the feeling of being a fake at the worst times -- like the middle of a live performance.

And sadly, imposter syndrome can continue to block your creative juices for long periods of time so it’s imperative to prevent, stop or fight these negative feelings.

So, I want to help you get out of this rut with five helpful (tried n’ true) suggestions to combat this crippling syndrome …

When you feel doubt becoming a part of your everyday thinking, reach out. Discuss these feelings with anyone -- it doesn’t have to be a professional in the field of psychology.

We’ve already discovered in growing up, that we learn through our mistakes. So, without failures (Ahem! We prefer “room for improvement” moments”!) along the way, we can never experience real success.

It’s TIME to develop your talents to the best of YOUR ability. If you’re stuck focusing on other singers’ abilities and achievements it will only increase the chance for feeling self-doubt.

Enjoy the smaller successes alongside the larger ones! It’s the only way to truly GROW and increase your chances of grabbing all those opportunities through the golden door!

The moment you begin to think you are a fraud or begin to doubt yourself. So, stop that thought right in it’s dang tracks and rethink … Just because I’m feeling this way doesn’t mean I am.


Imposter Syndrome isn’t in any Psychology book that I know of, but it affects so many people I know. So, son’t let it hold you back from being your best self.

It’s TIME we realize that our music ability comes with responsibility, then major success seems fitting. This is because this duty requires sacrifice.

Fulfilling your creative duty requires a lot of personal and financial sacrifice. Thigs like … missing your child’s birthday … not being able to attend your cousin’s funeral because you were working on the other side of the world … no longer being invited to your BFFs dinner parties because they’re too tired of you saying you’re too busy trying to be someone else … It’s ALL sacrifice.  

So, start asking yourself some of the harder questions …

  • What core beliefs do I hold about myself?
  • Do I believe I am worthy as I am?
  • Must I be perfect for others to approve of me?

Remember, if you are feeling like an impostor, it means you have some degree of success in your life that you are attributing to luck. So, try to turn that feeling into one of gratitude instead. Don't be crippled by your fear of being found out. Instead, lean into that feeling and get at its roots. Let your guard down and let others see the real you. If you've done all these things and still feel like your feeling of being an impostor is holding you back, it is important to speak to a mental health professional.



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