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How To Improve Your Vocal Tone

become famous sing vocal technique voice technique Apr 01, 2021
Singer singing with a microphone and good vocal tone

Before I decided to write this blog, I Googled "How to improve your vocal tone," and I didn't like the information I found. In fact, I hated it. There was lots of information on breathing and vocal exercises, but honestly, all that information is subjective. 

Vocal tone and voice quality are subjective. It's the reason why you like one singer over another. And if many of my most famous students had listened to their previous teachers on what they should sound like, well... they probably wouldn't have made it in music.

It is important to have good technique. But believe me, not all the singers you hear on the radio have a solid technique. Having good vocal technique gives you options. When you understand how your voice works, you can change your voice's tone in many instances. Listen to impressionists. By moving the vocal tract components, they can change their tone to whatever they want to sound like.

Here's a link to Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon impersonating different singers by changing their vocal tone with Jimmy’s famous Wheel Of Musical Impressions


Who's to say, is Bob Dylan's tone better or worse than Nick Jonas'? Is Ariana Grande's tone better than Whitney Houston's? Some may say they're both great. Others may think differently. So, improving your vocal tone is not an accurate goal. When my students come to me, I ask them, "How would they like to sound?" 

The one thing a singer must have is good intonation. That means singing correct pitches. And making sure they're not "pitchy," as they would say in the vocal competition shows. One of the best ways to make sure you are singing on pitch is by using an app like EarMasterPro or SingTrue If you don't want to use an app, simply play a note on a keyboard. If you don't have one, you can use a virtual keyboard

Play a note and practice singing until you are hitting the right note. Practice singing on pure vowels like ah, eh, ee, oh, and oo. Once you can sing your pure vowels in tune, you are well on your way to singing with good intonation.

I hope you agree that you should feel free to have whatever tone you like, and that good tone is subjective. But being in tune with good intonation is the key to having a successful music career.



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