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The Problem With Social Media

May 20, 2021

Most artists that reach out to me are trying to build their fanbase on social media.

And that’s a huge problem-o!

Although many people think social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok … are free … They’re actually not.

These platforms are ruled by the “ALL MIGHTY” algorithm that predominantly works AGAINST you instead unless you PAY for ads. How else do you think they make money?

As a result, musicians end up building their fan base the wrong way ending up with completely unengaged audiences that never see their posts because they disappear after a few hours and gets buried by the algorithm.

So, in order to actually benefit, you need to PAY for ads to get fair visibility which in a round about way means you are basically putting a lot of hard work and effort into a system that doesn’t work for you. It works against you.

Remember Myspace?



Google Plus?



They’re all dead. You see social media platforms come and go …

You might have had accounts for these platforms before they kicked the bucket.

Which means if you were unlucky enough to have your fan base stored on one of those, well they are gone. But hopefully, they’ll find you somewhere else. But for the most part, you are out of luck with those ancients.


Okay …

So, as you know, there are whispers that Facebook is dead as a platform for musical artists, entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes, and many of my influencers are saying Instagram is sadly also on its last legs.

So how can you combat this and grow a fanbase that actually lasts -- one that lasts through all future technology changes & upsets for decades to come?

Well, there’s only one way to survive all this and that’s through email.




And here is the reason why you should actively use email ...!

It allows you to build real human touch relationships with your fans. Relationships that will only flourish and grow over time and ones that WILL have a tremendous impact on your music success.




Email is truthfully the only reliable way you can actually store and retain your fanbase -- and for free --when these social sites inevitably lose their members to “whatever the next popular thing is.”

But I know what you may be thinking …

“Isn’t email outdated?”

“Why shouldn’t I use the latest trending apps?”


You should but you need to do more … And with that being said, here are some numbers that show you why email is so important. 

  • EMAIL has 3.8 billion users while social media has slightly under at 3.4 billion.
  • EMAIL is 60% preferred by us humans when it comes to promotional content. While good ‘ol social media is stuck at a whoppin’ 20%.
  • EMAIL has a conversion rate upwards of 6.05% while social media is only 1.9%.
  • EMAIL has an engagement click rate of 22.86+% while social media – yes, yet again – is downright lower than low at 0.58% (YIKES!)
  • EMAIL has an average ROI (RE: “return on investment) of over 4400% (Holy crap!) while good ‘ol social media again is at a stinkin’ -20%.


So, there you have it … The numbers truly speak for themselves! 

  • MORE people prefer to get your promo material via email!
  • MORE people actually want to buy all your goodies via email!
  • Email has way MORE engagement than social media!
  • And … you’re MORE likely to make money if you use email over social!



And not because it’s the “fancy” new technology, but because it works.




When you set up your music career this way you return the power back to your own hands (instead of the algorithm).

Email campaigns are a game-changer for artists of all stages, shapes, and sizes who have been struggling with growth, struggling with getting heard, and struggling with the most important element of artistry -- if you want to make a sustainable living at it that is.

So, now that you’re in control of your fan’s journey by communicating with them via email, you can finally monetize in a way that’s MUCH more effective than Spotify’s measly royalty of $0.0038 per stream. And once you begin to nurture your fans through emails, the odds ARE in your favor because the average engaged email list that is full of excited subscribers makes about $1 per subscriber per month which means 1K fans = $1,000 a month; 5K fans = $5000 … Well, you get the point!


So, think about it … It truly is time to step up your virtual game and not just on social.

Get your email list together.

Always forward your followers to your website where they can sign up to your mailing list.

Put yourself, not the social media platforms, in the power position for your career.



Got Questions?

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