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The Scoop on the Singer's Blueprint ...

Sep 23, 2021

It's crucial to keep an open mind to all the different techniques and approaches in working with the voice. Each of the vocal techniques we discussed in previous 3 vlogs are totally valid and can be useful. But some of these techniques are better suited towards a specific singer than others.

 The Speech Level Singing (SLS) technique may be a perfect fit for a someone looking to get the most functionality out of their range and voice. If hitting high notes without falsetto is hard for you, SLS may be a great fit. 

Or …

Estill Voice Training could be a revelation for vocalists with harmful singing or speaking habits. With Estill's scientific focus on understanding and isolating the different vocal figures, students may find that they have a healthier voice by gaining control of their instrument. 

Or …

Complete Vocal Technique may be a godsend for the well-functioning singer looking for tons of stylistic and performance tools. 

The options are literally endless.


So, what if I told YOU there was a vocal technique that took the best bits of each and put them in one package? 

Well, that’s what I’m about to tell you next! 

After studying and researching SLS, Estill, and CVT for years and teaching the various methods in my studio, I've found a combination of the different techniques is the best solution for having a healthy and versatile voice. 

We here at Soundcheck Artists like to call this system the "Singer's Blueprint". 

It comes with ten modules that are put together in a way that anyone can easily understand. Each module works on a particular aspect of the voice and has instructional videos and exercises that will help you to master your voice. 

These vocal exercises are not only helpful, but they're banging! 

Produced by great pop and hip-hop producers, they will have you grooving and having fun while learning. So, what will you learn in "Singer's Blueprint?" 

As I said before, it's broken into ten modules, which are: 

  • Warm-Ups
  • Breathing
  • Placement
  • Recipes
  • Tone
  • Diction
  • Vibrato
  • Range
  • Effects
  • Performance


The "Singer's Blueprint" offers so much! It even provides instructions on how to create a career in music if that’s your big dream and end goal. All the while covering everything from how to find time to practice all the way to social media marketing. 

The "Singer's Blueprint" takes my personalized 30 years of music industry experience and brings it to YOU in one place. This way you can learn at your own pace, go over the modules whenever you want – 24/7, and even has downloadable exercises – in which you can also stream from your desktop, tablet, or phone. 

So, if you're a beginner in the music industry, who is just starting to sing -- or if you're an experienced singer who wants to solidify your technique, have the tools to create great performances, and gain some knowledge on how to launch your music career, then "Singer's Blueprint" is the best way to do it! 

We hope to see you inside the course.



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