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Yes! Vocal Warmups Are Really Necessary!

Jun 03, 2021

A lot of people ask me … “Hey Shaun, are vocal warmups really necessary?”

It seems like there are a lot of new ideas on whether (or not) they are useful and if you should really just work on songs instead.

Well, I will let you know what the celebrities, musical influencers and professional singers do to prepare and whether or not a vocal warm-up is necessary in 3-2-1 …


Are vocal warmups necessary to be a good singer?


Are they necessary to become a great one?



I remember this one time I was with Beyonce when she was still with Destiny's Child, and they were at a photoshoot as they had a show that night.

While all the chaos of hair, makeup, and styling was going on, each one of the singers disappeared for about 30 minutes to warm up in the bathroom with their vocal coach.

Now you need to understand singing is an athletic activity. You can become really good at let's say basketball by just playing the game. But to be great, you need to lift weights, do drills, and work on perfecting the little things that in turn become the foundation for greater things. Vocal exercises for musicians are like athletes going to the gym before a game. One must work out systematically in order to become better.

So, let me ask you …

Do you have a set of vocal exercises to help you improve your singing?

Using vocal exercises allows the singer to practice fundamental technique without being worried about issues like rhythm, words, and performance. They allow the singer to build muscle memory.

Building muscle memory will free you up as a singer so that when you are on stage, you are not worried about the mechanics of singing as it frees you up to do what you love -- PERFORMING!

Okay … Time to leave things here on a lighter note …. Remember my motto -- when you count the stars, count yourself first!



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